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Boys Are Mean - B.A.M. from rock to pop, hip-hop through funk, B.A.M. performs live with high energy filled with fun.  Your eyes won't believe your ears; a non-stop, high-energy party!

Beaver - Pearl Jam, Classic Rock, Alternative

Carlos Ramos - Dance, R&B - Hailing from various parts of the southern suburbs and NWI, the Carlos Ramos Band offers long sets of high energy dance, hip-hop, funk, disco, and R&B music that will make your ass move.

Crawpuppies - The Beatles, Alternative

DJ Nasty Boy Noel      DJ Nasty Boy Noel

Fosters - Classic Rock, Alternative

Get Lucky Blues - Blues, Alternative

Grand Theft Auto - Alternative

Groove 6 - Dance, Rock, Alternative

Hooked on Sonics - Dance, Classic Rock, Alternative

Icy Stars - Classic Rock, Alternative

Kashmir - The best Zeppelin Tribute in the world!!!

Mallrats - Playing bands like Collective Soul, Bush, Gin Blossoms, Pearl Jam, Goo Goo Dolls, Sponge, Live, and a bunch of shit you haven't heard in years!

Metalicious - 80's Hair Band Tribute

Monterey - Big Chill era Rock, Alternative

Motormouth - Classic Rock, Alternative

Mr. Funnyman - Pink Floyd, Alternative

Mud Sharks - Classic Rock, Alternative

Nawty - Dance, Alternative Rock

Nicole Jamrose - Sheryl Crow, Alternative, Country

Overdue - Classic Rock, Alternative

Pawnz - Some of you might have thought they broke up years ago, but they haven't!  Pawnz has been playing together for 30+ years.  Pawnz music takes you from the current top 40 music, back to the big band era.

Relics - Classic Rock

Retropolitans - Dance, Alternative Rock

Shade City - Classic Rock

Shannon Raye - New Country

Sky Kings - Rockabilly, Classic

Stagger - Classic Rock, Alternative

Summer League - Classic Rock, Alternative

Tasha & The Electric - Classic Rock, Dance Rock and Alternative, Tasha & The Electric have been playing at Buddy & Pals for years.

 The Robots - The Robots is a classic rock band that covers your favorite music from the early 60's to the present.

The Unit - Classic Rock, Alternative - The Unit is a high energy A.D.D. cover band from NWI.

The Unstoppables - They are all about writing tunes, performing live, and creating music inspired by the great americana, classic rock, and acoustic music genres.

X-Girlfriend - Classic Rock, Alternative